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What is can4eve?


  • is a software for electric vehicles
  • it reads, analyzes, visualizes, stores and replays CAN bus data from the vehicle taken via an OBDII adapter
  • is an open source software project see

Supported Vehicles

 imageCan4eve support
Citroen C-ZeroC-zero.jpgsupported
KIA Soul EVKia-new-cars-soul-ev-models-01.jpgnot supported but we are looking for alpha testers
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEVOutlanderphev.jpgin preparation and we are looking for alpha testers
Mitsubishi i-MievI-miev.jpgsupported and looking for alpha and beta testers
Opel AmperaOpel Ampera-e Models First Edition.jpegnot supported yet - we are looking for alpha testers
Peugeot IonIon.jpgsupported

as of 2017-06 only Triplet cars: Mitsubishi i-Miev, Citroën C-Zero, Peugeot-Ion are supported The support for the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is in preparation. See also Help/VehicleTypes


Supported OBDII-Adapters

 imageCan4eve support
ELM327 China USBElm327chinausb.jpgnot recommended/limited/use at own risk!
OBDLink LXOBDLinkLX .jpgindirectly supported e.g. via rfcomm or ip forwarding on linux
OBDLink MXObd-wifi.jpgsupported
OBDLink SXObd-usb.jpgsupported
VGate ICar 2Icar2.pngnot recommended/limited/use at own risk!

Supported Platforms

can4eve is written in Java It has been tested on

An Android version is in preparation.

Since Apple does not support Java on the iPhone and since Microsoft does not support Java on some of its environments can4eve would have to be ported to run in these environments. Currently there are no concrete plans to work around this. Since can4eve uses JavaFX it is certainly feasible to get an iPhone and other ports. Oracle mobile might also be a future option to support many more mobile devices.

State of the project

Screen Shots


ScreenShot Odometer 2017-08-16 103323.png

Dashboard / Clocks

ScreenShot RPM 2017-08-16 102742.png ScreenShot Clocks 2017-08-16 102206.png


ScreenShot SOC 2017-08-16 103106.png

Battery Cell states / SOC-RR history

ScreenShot Cell Voltage 2017-07-11 235316.png ScreenShot Cell Temp 2017-07-11 235321.png Socrr2017-06-18.png

General OBD info (debug)

Screenshot2017-06-18.png Data2-2017-06-18.png


See Help#Installation

Building the software yourself

can4eve uses maven a build platform see test video below.

Developer / Unit Test

The software runs a test suite on each release. If you want you can run the automated tests for can4eve yourself on your own development platform. The following video shows an example of such a test run and how it should work in your environment in principle. The nice side effect is that you get a preview of some of the features of the software this way.

Running from command line

As of 2017-06 the jar created by the rebuild script is compiled for the Triplet vehicles.


java -jar target/com.bitplan.obdii-0.0.1-jar-with-dependencies.jar -h
CANTriplet: 0.0.1

  usage: java CANTriplet
 --display [None | Console | Swing] : display
                                      the display to use one of:
 --host (--hostname) WERT           : host
                                      the host to connect to
 --limit (--framelimit) N           : limit
                                      the maximum number of frames to read
 --port (--portnumber) N            : port
                                      the port to connect to
 --vg (--vehicle-group) WERT        : vehicleGroup
                                      the vehicleGroup to connect to
 -c (--conn) WERT                   : connection device
                                      the connection to use
 -d (--debug)                       : debug
                                      create additional debug output if this
                                      switch is used
 -h (--help)                        : help
                                      show this usage
 -l (--log) WERT                    : log
                                      the logfile to write
 -p (--pid) WERT                    : pid to monitor
                                      the pid to monitor
 -t (--timeout) N                   : timeout in msecs
                                      the timeout for elm327 communication
 -v (--version)                     : showVersion
                                      show current version if this switch is




Other Apps

Vehicles Icon App Link
Mitsubishi i-Miev, Citroen C-Zero, Peugeot Ion CanIon
Renault Canze-icon-shading.png CANZE
Outlander PHEV SmallEvLogo.png EVBatMon for PHEV
Nissan Leaf LeafSpyLogo.png Leaf Spy
Tesla TM-SpyLogo.png TM-Spy
Combustion engine cars TorqueLogo.png Torque Pro
Combustion engine cars EasyOBDIILogo.png  Easy OBDII



Our App not only gives you access to internal information at your fingertips, it will also track the health of the Li On drive battery over time and against distance. com.EvPositive.EvBatMon_6.png


Leaf Spy Lite lets a Nissan Leaf owner view detailed information about their Leaf's battery by plugging in an inexpensive ELM-327 Bluetooth OBDII adapter into the standard OBDII port on the Leaf. ELM-327 Bluetooth adapters are available on eBay for around $10-$20 and one is required before Leaf Spy Lite can display information from your Leaf. Main-qimg-eaec4f6a0b00c9fc98d84f1b376f811a.png


TM-Spy uses a standard ELM 327 type Bluetooth or WiFi OBDII adapter to decode information from the CAN service plug located below the center display screen. Check the internet for how to access this cable and the specifications for the custom adapter cable required to go from the Tesla 12 pin connector to the standard 16 pin OBDII connector which the ELM 327 adapter plugs into.